Vinod Gupta Wants An Education For Everyone

Vinod Gupta followed the American Dream to the letter: Born in India during the 1940’s, he had no access to formal education, roadways, running water or electricity growing up. After a stint in the Indian Air Force he got a B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering from I.I.T. in Kharagpur. Vinod Gupta moved to Nebraska on borrowed money and had his Master’s in Business Administration within a couple of years and got a job in marketing research at Commodore Corporation.


It was at Commodore that he noticed a lack in organized, accurate database information in business. So he began working on this problem, compiling lists that were accurate and up-to-date and selling to businesses who benefited from them. As the years went on and the internet became available, his company continued to thrive until it was sold in 2010 for $680,000,000. View Related Info Here.


Vinod Gupta decided to take his fortune and donate to education. Gupta has donated millions setting up schools for business management and law in India and setting up charities in his and his sons name to provide grants, scholarships and facilities for education at all levels in American and India.


Since he had no formal education growing up, Vinod Gupta sees the life changing value of a good education. Dedicating his fortune to helping provide these things for the less fortunate was something he felt compelled to do.


One particular project he made sure to get done was setting up a school in his native town of Rampur Manhyaran near Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. He set up the buildings, got the instructors and provides funding for textbooks, transportation, utilities and other educational needs of the school. He also spent $2,000,000 to establish curriculum for a small business management program at his Alma Mater, the University of Nebraska Lincoln.


Today, Mr. Gupta oversees Focus Group, which is a company, which offers venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses to make them profitable. The Focus Group’s mission revolves around the vision of Mr. Gupta who wants to extend helping hand to new entrepreneurs, who have an idea just like Mr. Gupta. Focus Group also applies Gupta’s principles and likes to share his Business Lessons to all who want to be successful like Vinod Gupta.