Todd Lubar Emphasizes the Use of Tech in Real Estate

Baltimore is thought to have a relatively lower cost of living compared to Washington Dc, an idea that has been popularized by Todd Lubar. Lubar is a revered real estate professional in the Baltimore area with vast knowledge in matters real estate. He is at the forefront of advancing the use of tech in the real estate field to develop smart homes. He envisions a world filled with smart homes.

Lubar cherishes real estate coupled with innovative technology. According to The BroTalk, a lot of things can be accomplished through the use of tech. He believes that since some of the current technological innovations were thought to be unachievable some decades ago, it is possible that the world is yet to witness the most revolutionary tech changes. Lubar strongly believes that the real estate sector stands to reap from tech advancements. He urges all forward-thinking real estate professionals always to incorporate technology into their future housing projects.

Baltimore has recently witnessed an upsurge in demand for smart homes, and this can be attributed to Lubar’s efforts of popularizing Baltimore as a cheaper alternative to the Country’s capital. Many real estate professionals in this town, Lubar included, have embarked on turning dilapidated structures into smart homes to meet the market demand. Baltimore is increasingly becoming populated with young individuals in tech as well as business people.

Currently, Lubar doubles up as the head of TDL Global Ventures LLC as well as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investment. Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with B.A in Speech Communication in 1995. He has held different positions in many companies such as Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. Lubar has also started and run different business including a scrap metal recycling business as well as commercial demolition company. From his undertakings, Lubar gained a wealth of experience which he often shares with other investors and entrepreneurs. He remains open to using his experience to elevate potential entrepreneurs to meet their goals.