Securus Technologies Helped Solve An Old Crime

There were a string of robberies in our neighborhood for a season of time. Even our children’s nursery was robbed and the kids toys were taken. Then all of a sudden, it just stopped.There was peace in the valley. Although we had less as a community, we were thankful for the peace. We later heard that the neighborhood bandits got caught. We almost threw a block party,we were so happy. Some of the neighborhood people went to the court hearings of the robbers. They stayed from beginning to end. They were interested in getting their stolen goods back. But nothing was ever said about that. The robbers got the book thrown at them. Evidently, they had done this kind of stealing before. This wasn’t the first time they had cleaned out entire neighborhoods. My neighbors felt a little sad not knowing if they would ever see their personal items again. Then one day we got the call. We were told to come down to a warehouse and identify our stuff. Mostly everyone that went found something that was stolen from them. It was a very happy time for everyone in our neighborhood. The officer then told us about Securus Technologies. He explained that Securus Technologies overheard recordings between inmates talking about all the neighborhoods they stole from. And after some time, they disclosed the location of the stash. The authorities were notified and went and got all the stuff form all the neighborhoods that were stolen from. That why it was a warehouse full of stuff. Securus Technologies was right there to pick up the right information to have most of our items returned to us.


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