Roberto Santiago: Building the Largest Mall in Paraiba

The city of Joao Pessoa is found on the Atlantic coast of the state of Paraiba. The city is rich in history, and tourists frequent it because the easternmost point in the Americas can be found here. The city is also home to a lot of successful individuals, and one of them is Roberto Santiago, who is the owner of the Manaira Shopping center. Roberto Santiago is a humble man who found success when he constructed a mall in the middle of the city. He changed the citizens’ way of life, and he brought a lot of opportunities for the city where he grew up. Because of his gigantic mall, the city of Joao Pessoa has seen robust economic growth, with more international brands starting to open up their branches inside the city. Roberto Santiago considered his success as an act of fate because he did not expect that he will end up becoming one of Brazil’s shopping mall tycoons.



Before the construction of the Manaira Shopping center, Roberto Santiago’s career focused on writing articles for the newspaper and online news websites. He is one of the most sought-after writers because of his writing style. He also had a huge fan base when he started writing for a site, and he felt delighted that a lot of people appreciate his work. Roberto Santiago managed to save a huge amount of money from his stint as a writer, and when he saw a vacant lot being advertised for sale, he developed an interest in purchasing it and spoke with the owner to haggle the lowest price possible. Roberto Santiago successfully bought the lot and sought the help of a local contractor to develop the lot into a moderately sized shopping center.



The construction of the Manaira Shopping center took two years, and it was opened to the public in 1989. The mall became the place to go for families and shoppers. Roberto Santiago’s mall started to become known all throughout the state of Paraiba because of its sheer size. Through the years, Roberto Santiago realized that the mall should expand, and so it went under several renovations and expansions. Today, the mall is considered as one of the largest in the country, and since its opening in 1989, many new features have been added inside for families to enjoy. One of the most notable additions to the mall is the massive concert hall built on its roof, called the Domus Hall. The mall also renovated their food court and added a gourmet section. Through expanding the mall, Roberto Santiago expects that more international brands will come to his city, and as of 2018, the mall has hundreds of tenants inside catering the locals and the tourists.