Reviewing Comparative Law With Focus On Application And Development

The relevance of law cannot be overlooked due to the fact that every community needs instruments that describe the way they should interact with others. In case of conflicts, there is also need to have ways through which order can be brought back and the best way to implement such ideas is through the application of laws. Lawless communities suffer from lack of unity and sense of control, whereby every individual behaves in a manner that suits them.

Every successful government from across the world values the relevance of law and its application. They offer definite rules and ways of governing the relationships between units and bodies and this enhances order while eliminating the costs that come with conflicts.

One of the fields of law that has facilitated the development of law seamlessly is comparative law, which provides for the study and inclusion of laws that are applied in some communities. Through comparative law, scholars are able to compare sets of law that are applied in some regions and come up with unique approaches of dealing with the problems that are brought by lack of proper laws. China is one of the countries that value and support the pursuit of comparative law because the country has been building relationships with other countries from across the world.

Most of these relationships lead to financial deals, which means both countries should understand what the laws of the other say about such deals. Borrowing laws and designing systems that work for all encourages unity by eliminating conflict.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry has been working on comparative law as a field of study and his pursuit of legal studies has led him to understand the different parts of law that help in the development of constitutions and institutions of governance. As a professor of constitutional development and comparative law, he has written books and journals describing the process of developing laws and government institutions that help to eliminate violent conflict.

As part of his effort to make the world better, Sujit Choudhry has toured several countries while offering support to develop useful constitutions and government bodies. He specifically worked with the United Nations during a mission that toured Nepal, Sri Lanka, Libya, Jordan, Egypt and Ukraine to mention a few.

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