Paul Mampilly Aiding Americans Make Worthy Investments

     The most renowned mogul in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly, who went to become an investment and research analyst exited from the billion dollars and the fast paced world to assist ordinary people to earn big bucks. He kicked off his career at the Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He proliferated from there to become an investor in numerous multi-billion dollar companies. Kinetics Asset Management was one of the companies that gained from the world’s greatest hedge funds, and this was all thanks to Paul Mampilly. After a great in Wall Street, the strain of the industry influenced him to leave it behind and strive to aid regular citizens to make more from their money through investments.

Paul Mampilly’s confessed, during an interview, that his motivation for leaving Wall Street in the rear-view mirror was due to the fact it serves to help the elite level people at the expense of everyone else. Upon his exit, Paul Mampilly went on to start up the Profits Unlimited which is a newsletter that speaks to the common American citizen and provides them with investment tips. Aside from this, he also started the newsletter to introduce people to the world of investment to help them to place their money in the right investments to better their lives and living standards. Paul says that despite escaping the madness of the Wall Street pressure, he is still very much committed to availing the best advice in investment.

During his career, Paul Mampilly gained the rare opportunity to take part in one of the biggest stages in an investment competition that was organized by Templeton Foundation. In this, he was able, in just one year, to make an 88 million dollar return from a mere 50 million dollar investment. The greatest part has he achieved this success during the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.

Paul Mampilly’s pride in what he does now is that his research services come at a rate that is manageable to a large percentage of the American population. Through many hours of researching and by his team and he and any stock pick he makes will have been researched for about 30 or 40 hours with an extra 20 – 30 hours for the recommendations to be written up.

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