Paul Herdsman Is An Expert Entrepreneur

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a mentor to look up for Paul Herdsman is a great candidate. He knows what it takes to be a successful businessman and owner. He lets any up and coming entrepreneur know that starting and maintaining a business involves a lot of hard work. Dedication is essential in achieving success in the business world. Paul Herdsman possesses every quality needed to be successful leader. He is both the co-founder and chief operating officer of NICE Global, a nearshore business solutions company. The company is based in Jamaica.


Despite Paul Herdsman being born in Jamaica he grew up in Florida and thus, possessed limited knowledge about the region. He had never built a company there and didn’t know if its infrastructure would be the right fit for the company’s needs. His concerns are irrelevant today though as the company has thrived.


NICE Global can provide a host of helpful services to companies who are interested in bettering their operations in various ways. Whether it be retaining more customers, having lower overhead, or boosting their revenue.


NICE Global really sets itself apart from the competition with its top-notch customer service. A major complaint among customers is the lack of adequate customer service. Customers often get machines when they call a company to ask important questions when they would much rather talk to a person. NICE Global goes above and beyond to make sure customers get to talk to live operators whenever they call.


Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed a plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


Paul Herdsman often stresses the importance of creating a culture. Employees that are happy within their job are less likely to leave. Therefore, he focuses on creating a work environment that feels like home. One where employees feel like they’re a part of a work family. The ability to keep employees is vital for a company’s growth. Training new employees diverts time and resources from other projects. Not to mention, that customers value familiarity and would rather see the same faces. See This Page for related information.