Louis Chenevert’s Exemplary Leadership and Achievements at UTC

Louis Chenevert, the former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), has set a standard of leadership by being a forward-thinking leader when it comes to selecting projects that can help realize the company’s vision. While serving at UTC, Chenevert inspired employees to work at making projects a success. This was one of his guiding philosophies as the Chief Executive Officer, a principle that he was glad to pass on to his successor; Gregory Hayes. Both of them are recognized for their interest in future proof companies by allocating a large percentage of the budget to innovative equipment.

Before joining UTC’s Pratt & Whitney business unit, Chenevert served at General Motors for more than a decade. He then served at Pratt & Whitney Canada for six years before being elected as the President of the company’s entire division in 1999. He held this position for seven years and was later elected as the CEO and President at UTC. During his tenure at UTC, Chenevert registered several achievements as a leader of the $100 billion conglomerate. Acquisition of Goodrich was one of his primary objectives and he achieved it within one year, closing the deal at $18.4 billion. Chenevert’s commitment was to invest in the most advanced technologies and team members.

Employee Scholar Program is one of UTC’s most significant commitments to investing in its employees and nurturing their development. This program covers the education cost for the employees pursuing further studies in their respective fields. As a result, more than 40,000 UTC employees across the world have earned degrees since 1996. The company has invested more than $1 billion in the employees’ educational pursuits over the years in the United States alone. This has benefited not only the employees, but also the corporation at large. Moreover, the company won a lobby as the sole supplier of F-35 for the US Air Force under Chenevert’s exemplary leadership.

Chenevert earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Production Management from the Business School of Montreal University (HEC). He serves as the Chairman of HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board and is the Chairman and founding director of the Board of Directors for the HEC Montreal’s Friends.

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