Julie Zuckerberg’s Experience as a Recruitment Expert

Many organizations pay special attention to their recruitment process. Julie Zuckerberg is prominent executive talent recruitment professional who has helped many companies recruit the best talents. She is currently working at Deutsche Bank as the vice president and executive of the bank’s talent acquisition lead. She lives in New York City.


Academic and career journey


She studied philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She then joined New York Law School. She earned the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Her decision to study law has helped her very much in her career.


Upon completion of her studies, she joined Hudson in November 2002 where she was given the role of Director of Candidate Placement. She played a crucial role in the recruitment of case managers, attorneys, and other staff in various ranks. She provided more information about jobs, suggestions, and details on how they should be done, the benefits, and how to promote workers. She was also regularly consulted in case of work-related conflict.


In October 2007, Julie left Hudson and joined Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. She was tasked with advising the management on various recruitment methods important in making the company competitive. She came with plans and ideas important in enhancing talent acquisition in the company. Among the various activities she actively participated in are equity buyouts, relocation, and clawbacks. She single-handedly oversaw the relocation of expatriate and internationals.


She was also the vice president, and NA professional and executive recruitment at the company. She left the company in November 2013.


She joined New York Life Insurance Company as an experienced recruitment lead and the corporate vice president. Some of the roles she played in the company included providing full life cycle recruiting. She also worked with senior management to assess the problems faced by their customers. She helped in the management and the recruitment process in the company. She left the company in February 2014.


Since April 2014, Julie Zuckerberg has been working at Deutsche Bank as the Executive Recruitment Lead. She trained and counseled executive recruitment associations. She plays an important role in the hiring of those in the MD position and spearheads negotiations. As the Executive Talent Lead, she is in charge of various responsibilities such as business management, hiring, client management, and making sure all practices related to recruitment are adhered to.


Julie also provides advice to leadership and executive committees about hiring and the best way to do it to enhance proficiency and attract best talents. She leads, trains, and controls the recruiting teams. She also develops recruitment strategies to be used by American heads of business to address attrition and gaps in the coverage of customers.


Julie believes that a good recruitment process and reduction of attrition are vital for a business that seeks success.


Other activities


During her free time, Julie enjoys taking photos, running, and enhancing her tech knowledge. She is a great admirer of art and culture. She is known for her fight for economic empowerment. She is also concerned about the welfare of animals. She regularly participates in charity activities.

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