Julia Jackson Sprouts Her Own Legacy

Julia Jackson has witnessed much growth in her lifetime. Born into the winemaking business, Julia saw her family’s grapes grow into an empire. Throughout the years however, Julia has planted her own seeds in the business, and nurtured her own dreams and ambitions. Today, Julia continues to cultivate her passion in and out of the vineyards.

Julia recognizes she had a leg-up in the industry from an early age. Her father, Jess Jackson, spent his life building his business and making sure his children understood the importance of diligence and care to grow in the industry. The message was not lost on Julia. Her hard work payed off- she attended both Scripps College as well as Sanford Graduate School in her youth. As Julia grew more experienced with her family’s work, she turned her efforts and creativity towards the industry itself, determined to elevate her family’s business.

Her unfettered business finesse and fresh take on tradition paves the way for growth. Julia asserts her family’s Cabernet, distilled in Sonoma County, rivals that of competition produced in Napa Valley- a part of California more typically used for the production of cabaret wine. Unimpressed with the barrage of faddish wines that often saturate the industry, her family founded Cambria Estates, which Julia is the spokesperson of. Rooted in tradition, quality, and sustainability, Cambria Estates lend its name to Julia’s personal endeavor and nonprofit. Founded in 2014, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment the organization celebrates and aids women who have faced difficulties or are experiencing hardship.

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In an industry that can be trendy or fickle, Julia Jackson is determined to forge her own legacy. Her presence in philanthropy and her dedication to the business she grew up in will continue to grow the future for her family, for her community, and for herself.