Jeff Yastine Says You Shouldn’t Miss Out On This Trillion-Dollar Market

President Trump has brought attention to activities by foreign governments such as China and their current trade deals with the US, but even more importantly he’s mentioned the ongoing issue of cyber warfare and hacking that they’ve perpetrated. Banyan Hill editor Jeff Yastine has been talking a little more about cyber attacks in his articles and he says more corporations are investing larger amounts into network security to fight the attacks. In the last few years alone cybersecurity stocks have been growing by quite a bit, and in the next several years the industry is expected to become a trillion-dollar one. Yastine is already recommending owning certain ETFs which he shares in his newsletters at Banyan Hill. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

Jeff Yastine previously covered financial news and gave people stock market advice as a journalist on Nightly Business Report. He attended the University of Florida and graduated from their prestigious College of Journalism and Communications. He worked with a local Gainesville television affiliate and while there heard about what owning different stocks was like. He began exploring the stock market on a small level though he would not start building a big stock portfolio until much later. But he did become much more interested in financial news as his work took off.

Jeff Yastine officially joined PBS as a correspondent for their Nightly Business Report show in 1994 and became a trusted voice that took viewers behind the scenes of major international developments over the years. He was on-site to cover the giving back of the Panama Canal to Panama, cover the influx of foreign auto manufacturers in the southern US and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Yastine also covered the backdrop of events leading up to the dot-com crash of 2000 and the housing crisis of 2008. People who he’s interviewed include Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Sir Richard Branson and even Warren Buffet.

Jeff Yastine became interested in newsletter writing because he could use his experience to share market advice he gained as a news anchor in more personal ways with his audience. He started buying more ETFs as his career went on and realizing how even consumer staples could hedge his portfolio and has written about that in some of his recent newsletter editions. His main newsletter is “Total Wealth Insider” which can be found on the main Banyan Hill website, but you can also find more of his articles on the Daily Investor Sovereign there.

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