Jeff Herman: Preventing Sexual Abuse In Children

It’s important for parents to know about their children’s lives, offline and online as well according to lawyer and advocate for victims of sexual abuse Jeff Herman, a trial lawyer who supports victims of rape and any other form sexual abuse.  While it can sometimes be hard to admit that there is something wrong, it’s important to know how to speak to your children if they are exhibiting any signs that they have experienced sexual abuse. Jeff Herman is the founder of Herman Law and is currently the Firm’s Managing Partner. Jeff Herman is dedicated to his work in helping victims find justice.


Children are vulnerable, which is what makes it easy for some predators to take advantage of them. When sexual abuse happens to a young child, they sometimes do not recognize what has happened and don’t tell anyone. In this case, the abuse is sometimes allowed to continue, states Jeff Herman. For those who do recognize what has happened to them, they may refuse to speak openly about it out of fear or guilt. This can cause a wide array of problems that can continue throughout adulthood if not addressed.


In order to ensure that your children will talk to you about sexual abuse, you need to make sure that they know that they are able to talk to you about anything. While some people may be hesitant to invade their children’s privacy, as the parent you should have access to their social media accounts and email. While checking it excessively may cause some severe issues in your relationship, signing in once in a while to make sure everything is okay is well within healthy parental boundaries. Read This Article for more information.


Be aware of the adults that are a part of your child’s life, no adult should be contacting your child electronically without at least letting you know first. If they are, it’s a good reason to be suspicious. Keep a close eye on the interactions offline as well, if an adult seems to be acting inappropriately towards your child like giving gifts, touching too much or speaking to them in an appropriate manner you should look into the relationship closer or stop it until you figure out what it is going on, suggests Jeff Herman. Predators will generally groom their victims and while you may not be able to prevent all instances of abuse, Jeff Herman believes proper vigilance can help to avoid some dangerous situations.



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