Insight into Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water Company is bottled water which has contributed significantly to the society. The Hawaiian water is unique as it entered the market as the first of its kind. The company has been steadfast in offering volcanic water for drinking. Therefore, those that have tasted the water can tell that the water is sweet and unique from other bottled drinking water.

About the Water

Waiakea can be considered not just the average drinking water. It is a company that started from humbled background only to achieve great things because providing quality services to the users. The water originates from the accumulation in the Mauna Loa Volcano which is the biggest in the world regarding the provision of natural water. The purification process which the water undergoes is a natural one. It is a process that also involves the infusion of minerals making the water rich in the electrolyte and also alkaline.

About the organization

The company started back in 2012 becoming the first company in America to be certified as carbon neutral because it had taken the necessary initiatives. The company is also keen on taking part in projects such as reforestation, work that has sustainable sourcing and the packaging method they use is friendly to the environment. The company has a mission of ensuring that the users of the water are healthy and take water that is delicious and full of nutrients but they have a least environmental impact.

The uniqueness of the water

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Waiakea water is considered unique because of its differences when compared with other companies providing water services. They are not just focused on providing drinking water, but their main aim is to consider the lives of people in the whole world. Their approach is very different regarding doing business. They do not focus on the profit they make but look at the impact that they make in the society by providing high-quality clean drinking water.

The brand is also keen in ensuring that they are conserving the environment. They also have different programs that make sure that there is access to clean drinking water in schools. It is to ensure that students are comfortable and can learn without difficulties.