Innovations By Donald Scott NYC

Donald Scott NYC, a renowned hair stylist, was frustrated because of the industry’s lack of straight razor options and their quality. Donald Scott developed patented tools that traditional razors could not achieve. In addition, he created a trademark approach to help with distinctive designs for men and women. This allows customers to obtain a more customized style.


In comparison to disposable razors, straight razors give a more precision cut. Straight razors give the closest shave possible. Before electric or disposable razors were created, stylists always utilized straight razors. This slowly dissipated as men started using these other tools for a quicker shave.


The less expensive disposable tools are normally plastic while the more expensive ones use quality stainless steel or chrome. Donald Scott NYC uses a higher class of elements for the best shave.


A carving comb and twist blades, another unique innovation, were designed with Donald NYC 100% stainless steel accredited blades with an acute point platinum edge. The comb shapes for a wide array of hair styles. Just remember that every new customer needs a new, clean blade.

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