Ian King, the Crypto Legend, Explains Cryptocorns

The power of investing in the right docket to create wealth as well as achieve long-term objectives has often been proven from time to time. Even so, not everyone utilizes the available investment opportunities. What differentiates expert investors from the rest is the knowledge of predicting the future of investment opportunities against associated risks. As such, investment advisers come in handy. Ian King of Banyan Hill is one prominent investment adviser who has successfully managed to help investors make the right decision regarding where to put their money. View ideamensch.com to learn more.

Background Information

Most fundamentally, Ian King specializes in cryptocurrency and general trade. Having accomplished so much over the past two decades, he has vast experience in trading as well as analyzing financial markets. Moreover, his enthusiasm for the crypto asset industry spills over to several investment journals including Investopedia; where he writes about crypto and has created an innovative program that helps clients to navigate various investment dockets including monero, bitcoin, and ripple among others.

Work Experience

Ian King Banyan first worked at Solomon’s Brothers’ as a desk clerk. The prominent mortgage bond trade company honed his skills in business and leadership. From there, he moved to Citigroup and worked in credit derivatives. A few years later, he moved Peahi Capital and worked as a hedge fund manager.

Joining Banyan Hill Publishing

After garnering vast experience from different investment companies, Ian King resorted to joining Banyan Hill Publishing. Here, he publishes investment journals to help investors get ahead of the ever-transitioning crypto market. Currently, he is a significant contributor to the company’s Sovereign Investor Daily. Moreover, he keeps investors aware of the current market changes including various developments. Besides, he is also the head cheerleader of Crypto Profit Trader.

Crypto Profit Trader

King is a successful trader as well as an entrepreneur with more than twenty years in the industry. As the founder of Intellicoins, King develops original content to empower regular investors to find their way through the crypto market.

The Cryptocorns

As an investment contributor in various platforms, Ian King recently wrote about the Cryptocorns on Medium. Also termed as the ‘unicorn’ by experienced venture capitalists, the term describes the low number of start-ups that have garnered $1 billion in valuation. He goes on to state that universally, cryptocorns are currently spread over 276 companies with some being common names like Dropbox, Pinterest and Uber. These cryptocorns generate about $967 billion in market valuation. However, these returns are not accrued in the accounts of regular investors as most of the time; these investors find themselves ‘holding the bag.’

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