How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur With Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman teaches those looking to take the bold entrepreneurial step and start their own business the tips and tricks that he has learned throughout his experience running his successful, global company, NICE. In his interview with IdeaMensch, Paul outlines 12 Effective Key Tips he believes are at the core of how to run a successful business.


The more intrapersonal tips Paul offers are about having a positive attitude, learning from your mistakes, and being persistent. He mentions writing what you are grateful for every day to engage with positive thoughts, keeping a list of past mistakes to reflect on what you have learned from each one, and how persistence can lead us to places we could not have been with ideas and aspirations alone.


Paul Herdsman also talks about more interpersonal relationships and how they lead to a more successful entrepreneur. Building the right team helps businesses surround themselves with people who have similar goals and values that can complement your own. Listening to your customers and gaining feedback can help you get to know your clients better and give you better ideas for solutions to solve their problems.


The other tips Paul provides have to do with a philosophy of running your business. To have a clear vision and identify your obstacles to find solutions on what might be getting in the way. Taking no shortcuts will allow an entrepreneur to put in the necessary work to accomplish their goals. Delivering above and beyond will give your customers a reason to choose your business over any other. Finding a mentor will give you an outside perspective on your business and make sure they are someone you can trust. Learn to say ‘no’e to give yourself the best use of your time and it becomes more and more precious. With these tips in mind, Paul believes you can increase your chances of running a successful business. Refer to This Article for more information.


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