How Securus Technologies Prevents Crime Within Prisons

Securus Technologies is a pretty large company I recently heard about that is dominating the vertical of preventing crime through technology implementation in our prison systems. They specialized in a wide bredth of technology solutions to keep prisons safe and have a special focus on contraband mobile devices within prisons.


An article in PR Newswire highlighted a few letters that had been written to the company by action clients. The article did state this small crop was from a harvest over thousands of people and facilities that wrote to thank or commend Securus Technologies.


Here’s some of the high notes:

One facility credited Securus’s technology that seeks out contraband (illegal) mobile phones with the discovery of multiple incidents of drugs being brought in or passed around, alcohol use by inmates and even with new data on a past shooting case. For this testimonial, Securus made this happen by using its mobile monitoring system to monitor phone calls.


Another Sheriff’s office credited Securus Technologies with helping them to locate and seize over a million dollars of unsavory materials such as drugs and guns. The office wrote that they were sure that Securus’s tech was instrumental in this process.


Yet another customer wrote in with a harrowing story. Securus’s mobile monitoring picked up a conversation between an inmate and his brother with their mother also present on the call. The inmate was accused of shooting someone and was actually trying to get his brother to lie on the stand about an alibi. This very selfish move could have destroyed his brother’s clean criminal history. The recorded conversation was used by the defense to help convict the shooter.


While these are just a handful of the testimonials shared in the article, they give a great deal of weight, in my opinion, to the importance of understanding how technology can be used for bad, so companies like Securus can help stop these occurances before they begin.

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  1. Securus has really recorded immense success in the corrections facilities no doubt they are seen as the leaders in criminal fight and justice. Corrections officers according to cheap essay writer have expressed his sincere happiness about the success of Securus Technology after they were used to monitor an inmate trying to evade justice by convincing his brother to lie when he appears in court in a murder case against him.

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