How Mark Mofid is Making Implants Safer for His Patients

If you live in San Diego, you have most likely heard of Mark Mofid, the great plastic surgeon in San Diego, California. This plastic surgeon is now considered to be at the top of his community because he is working to make implants safer for his patients. How is he making these safer? His research has led him to a segment of his profession that is now quickly becoming a “keyword”. This new word or phrase is “gluteal augmentation“, something that once was only spoken of as it pertained to malpractice. Dr. Mark Mofid is now taking a profession that was once viewed only negatively to a new level of respect. This is all because he has been researching a way to make implants safer for his patients.

A recent article said it best by stating that now the mantra is safety, science, and results. This is great news during a time when there are still many negative viewpoints about plastic surgery and the community of surgeons that practice it. His training is prestigious, having gone both to Harvard and working with John Hopkins University. As the result of his training and practice, he is well-respected and he is considered to be an expert in his field. As an industry innovator, he continues to be sought out by his colleagues for the latest in plastic surgery and anything related to his industry.

Patients continue to trust Dr. Mark Mofid, not only because of his reputation, but because of his consideration of his patients and his ability to explain things to them as they should be explained and more. His outright commitment to adhere to safety in medical practice has played a very important role for him as a doctor. His patients are aware of his dedication to this, and it makes them feel confident that they have made a sound decision in choosing him for their said procedure. Additionally, Dr. Mark Mofid is known for putting the patient’s safety ahead of cost. If he feels that a patient does not need something he will not recommend it.