Gregory Aziz: Quality and Quantity

There are industries that are a lot bigger than we realize, and we all too often take for granted despite them being a part of our everyday lives. When you pass someone on the street riding a motor cycle, you don’t stop and think about their helmet and how at one point – there was a big presentation for the specific design of that helmet with a room full of potential investors, excited fans, and other folks of the industry. Every industry is like that and every industry has it’s up and downs but there is one industry that has had a particularly significant impact on North America. That industry is the railroad industry.


The railroad industry has been in North America since 1869 and has been tunneling through the states and Canada, delivering both goods and people, ever since. When it comes to a train delivering goods, how much do you really know? For some, the most contact they’ve ever had with a train moving goods is sitting at the tracks, frustrated they can’t get home from work faster. Yet another aspect of an incredibly huge industry that we see every day and take for granted. Where are those goods going? What’s in them? What about what holds them?


A company called National Steel Car is the company that had likely built the very cars you have seen before you. They are one of the world’s leading railroad freight manufacturers, and they exude excellence from their foundation. There are many different kinds of freight cars, as you’ve likely come across before, and each one has a different name and different purpose. For example, a gondola car can include a coal car, or a tank car can be for general purposes. National Steel car sells a number of these including boxcars, coil cars, flat cars, hopper cars and intermodal cars. They have been ISO 9001:2008 certified and they are the only railroad freight manufacturer in North America to do so.


The man who runs this company is named Gregory James Aziz, and he was born and raised in London, Ontario. He grew up here before following a journey to success through ventures in his family wholesale food business, as well as investment banking in New York. This is where he was met with the opportunity to run National Steel Car in the 90’s. Ever since the company has done nothing but improve its standards and quality. Click Here for additional information.


Gregory Aziz has always had the skillset to grow businesses. He applied that skillset when he began to work at National Steel Car and he was successful in the most rapid way. In his first few years he increased the company’s employee base from around six hundred to nearly three thousand people. Gregory James Aziz is a visionary when it came to invest in human capital and his push to hire more people made great strides in Hamilton, Ontario’s overall economy. The more people that were hired led to the opening of more businesses and more homes being built, driving overall economic growth in the town of Hamilton and the outlying regions.