EOS Speaks: How the Company Made It Big in Balms

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra managed to turn a cheap product that was sold in drugstores for over a century into something new and lucrative. That product is lip balm, and their company is ESO.

Today, EOS is a multimillion dollar company. The EOS company makes lip balms that are different from traditional tube lip balms. In particular, EOS balms come in orbs, and they’re actually pretty to look at. They also work wonders for dry and chapped lips. In fact, the acronym EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth.

The EOS Difference

In a report by fastcompany.com, Teller and Mehra decided to target the lip balm industry particularly. This was because they saw that marketers from brands like Chapstick and Blistex were being lazy. Chapstick used to be the leader in the lip balm industry. For decades, they had created lip balms in tubes only. The “original” flavor was nothing to write home about, and even the cherry and mint flavors were fairly boring.

EOS products took a different approach to lip balm. Teller and Mehra created them in orb shapes. They made the orbs soft to the touch, and designed them in pretty colors. They even added fun flavors and colors to the balm itself.

This new product took off right away. Millennials loved it, and even celebrities like Christina Aguilera were seen using EOS lip balm.

Another strategy that Teller and Mehra used was Facebook and social media marketing. In other words, they turned consumers into their own marketing team. They did this by giving products to beauty bloggers and trend setters in exchange for honest reviews of their products.

See the Difference for Yourself

If you’ve been looking for a new lip balm or are simply interested in seeing what all the EOS fuss is about, check out these products for you. You can find them in big box stores, pharmacies and online.

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