Boraie Development: Hammering Developments in Newark

Shaquille O’Neal, a world-renowned NBA Hall of Fame Super Star celebrated the completion of a 20+ story residential tower in Newark where the governor commended him for helping Newark reach its full potential and more so for having remembered his roots. The mayor noted that the city is developing fast and it will take the support of the state coupled with those of other partners to realize the successful completion of Newark’s projects. The mayor continues to thank the country and Goldman Sachs who facilitated the beautiful tower in the city with a movie theatre, saying that much of the city’s achievements are because on such investors who’ve invested a huge chunk of their money.




O’Neil’s skyscraper apartment tower is one of such projects the mayor commended and launched after another successful project ‘IMPACT.’ The main aim of the project is to create career avenues and opportunities for fellows from Newark including women, veterans, and minorities looking into establishing careers in the construction industry. These opportunities are also meant to affect the developers of these projects that are why a partner had to come in to achieve the city’s goals. The Kobe Bryant’s Boraie Group partnered with O’Neil to the success of the Shaq Tower project that cost $150 million. Check out crunchbase for more details.





According to Patch, the Boraie Development and its partnership with O’Neil have seen such projects completion successful thus playing a significant role in the development of the city of Newark. The city officials had a robust memorable day during the launch of the Boraie Development led project, which pulled to the occasion a considerable number of state officials including Governor Phil Murphy, Newark’s Mayor Baraka Ras, Acting Dep. Mayor Carmelo Garcia who is the Director of Economic & Housing Development alongside private entities such as Boraie Development, Margaret Anadu the Head of Urban Investment Group and Goldman Sachs Managing Director of Urban Investment Group.




The tower has 21 stories with169 units translating to an area of 184, 000 square feet and 20,000 square feet for rental. Sam Boraie says that future projects in Newark will entail collaborations from the public and the private sector. Through its plans, Boraie Development has made Newark a famous city and O’Neill who’s the director thank Newark city for its continuous support. Shortly, Boraie Development is planning to undertake other similar projects including a building that will be led by Gilbane Building Company and a 350 unit building that translates to $150 million investment that O’Neal and Boraine Development are planning to construct.


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