Betsy DeVos: The Minister With A Focus On Educational Reforms

Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist and businesswomen who is extremely well known in the sector. She is also the current education minister of America, who was elected to the position after a historical record breaking vote had to be cast. Education has always been something that DeVos is extremely passionate about, and through this post, she will now be able to see her plans through for the development of the education system in the country.


DeVos is a firm advocator of the school charter movement. According to this, private owners and businesspeople should be allowed to start up their schools. Betsy, being a mother herself knows how difficult it is to find a school that has an all around good development strategy in place for the kids attending it. Public schools use tax payers money and therefore cannot provide all the amenities that a child would need to become a well-developed member of society. Private charter schools on the other use private funds, which is why the schools can have much better amenities. Bringing up public schools to the level of private schools is also one of the goals that DeVos wants to implement while she is serving as the education minister of the country.


Being an avid supporter of educational reforms in the country, DeVos stated up a foundation along with her husband to aid this, and to help those who cannot get a good education for themselves. The DeVos Family Foundation is the organization that the couple founded, in which the Education Fund is one of the most sought after for educational development. Through this fund, DeVos regularly hands out scholarships to students who have excelled in their academics as well as their extracurriculars. These students are given scholarships with the hope that they will use it to seek education in private schools to develop their skills and knowledge better. The organization has been able to help countless children coming from underprivileged backgrounds who otherwise would not be able to afford a good education. The foundation does not only help children with their education goals but adults as well. The foundation gives scholarships to students who are passing out of their MBA programs so that they can start up their businesses within the state and be well situated.


Besides education, the foundation also works to provide support to organizations that are working for the betterment of the society. The foundation funds numerous programs for the development of the arts, and so that children can grow more interested in them while gaining a good amount of exposure from it as well. Betsy DeVos has indeed worked hard to bring about reforms, which is why she is also considered to be one of the most charitable people in the entire country.


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