Bernardo Chua: The Pinoy Mary Kay

Bernardo Chua is best known as the founder and CEO of ORGANO, a multilevel marketing company that sells health products containing ganoderma, a mushroom cultivated for centuries by Chinese herbalists.

Also known as the lingzhi or reishi mushroom, the ganoderma mushroom is well-known in the Chinese diaspora for its healthful properties, but was otherwise unheard of in the West.

Chua was the first businessman to find financial success with the product in the rest of the world, expanding his reach to Canada and the United States and creating a wide network of independent distributors that now circle the globe.

Chua and his company have been recognized by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation, a Philippine organization dedicated to promoting successful Filipino businessmen and their products.

The same organization recognized Chua himself as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year over half a dozen times.

ORGANO itself is the 55th largest direct marketing company in the world, according to Direct Selling News, and has yearly revenues of over $215 million dollars.

To go from a three person startup to a multi-million dollar organization in less than a decade is impressive and speaks to the dedication and strength of will Chua is known for in the business world.

Zoominfo believes that Bernardo Chua is also well-known for his charity and support for the youth of the world with his organization, the OG Cares Foundation. The foundation has completed several charitable works throughout the world, from feeding vulnerable children in Nigeria to providing educational opportunities to Mexican students.

The OG Cares Foundation has also supported charitable works in Chua’s home country of the Philippines, providing impoverished children with hot meals and supplying shoes for the children attending the sports club it sponsors.

When it comes to doing good works, Bernardo Chua has not forgotten where he came from.