Alexandre Gama Put Brazil On The Advertizing Map

     Alexandre Gama currently holds the position of CEO and is also the founder of Neogama, which is among the top 20 Brazilian advertising. Gama is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gama holds a BA in Publicity and Advertising from FAAP – SP. Gama started his publicity career at Standart Ogilvy in a writing position in 1982. Eight years later, Alexandre Gama moved on to DM9 and wrote for the company, which conceded him multiple awards. Gama also was President and CEO, and CCO at AlmapBBDO and Young & Rubicam, respectively.

The year of 1999 was when Alexandre Gama founded Neogama. In 2012, When Alexandre Gama joined ABAP in 2012, this established his responsibility of representing Brazil in the world of communication.

Between 2004 and 2013, Alexandre Gama attended the D&DA festival and was the first Latin-American to win an award at the festival. Gama also won 23 Lion Awards at the Cannes Festival. He even was honored by being a jury member at the Cannes Festival.

Alexandre Gama truly loves arts. His work has been displayed at Museu de Arte Brasileira. He is the founder of VIOLAB, a guitar music Youtube channel. Alexandre Gama is keen on luxury sports cars and is a Briggs Automotive Company member.